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How to Create Your Own Teacher Business Card DIY


Back to school season means preparing for open house, curriculum night, and meeting new students and families! This year, I’m handing out personalized custom teacher contact cards with magnets on the back to keep in touch with students’ families and parents. They can even keep my information handy on their fridge or drawers. I used to use business cards at school but the DIY option is a better way to show my creativity and it also makes a great first impression. There are SO many more options in terms of customizing what I include on the card. It’s cost-effective, cheaper, and I get to decide exactly what to include on it. Plus, I don’t have to wait to receive cards from elsewhere.

How To:

  1. First, customize your design. You can add a personal photo or Bitmoji to your card. Include contact information (phone number, school address, etc.) and other important details such as student login information, social media handles, class websites, conference times, office hours, and Google Classroom codes. When you’re done your design, print it!
  2. Next, print the cards on cardstock paper for the best quality and durability. Laminate them and add a magnet to the back. I use easy peel and stick magnet sheets from Amazon for this. OPTIONAL: Spray with mattifying spray to reduce glare from lighting.

boho teacher contact card

My classroom decor theme this year is soft boho chic to create a beautiful calming environment with muted neutral colours. I also created EDITABLE boho teacher contact cards that can be customized on Google Slides and printed instantly. 2 colour schemes are included: rainbow and soft boho chic. Get them here.

diy business card

I’ve included links to ALL the products I use (located in instructions) to make things easier for you. Note: These are Amazon affiliate links and I make a small commission when you purchase. I appreciate your support in helping me to continue to create teaching content to share with you!

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