Amazon travel essentials

Amazon Teacher Travel Essentials

Amazon travel essentials

You all know I love me a good Amazon deal, especially when it comes to grabbing essentials. I just came back from Barcelona and I have officially been bitten by the travel bug! Here are some Amazon travel essentials that made my vacation easier and will help you during your summer, winter, and/or spring break travels too! As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Thank you for your support!

Apple AirTag

Attach this to your keys, purse, luggage, or carry on. I used a carry-on during my trip but I kept this on my keys to make sure I felt secure and safe. You can even use your phone to play a sound and locate whatever your AirTag is attached to immediately!

Kleenex Travel Size Packs

My nose CANNOT deal with air conditioning or fans blasting directly onto me! This saved me on the flight because the AC was hitting me from the ceiling the entire time. My nose didn’t stop running. When you eat snacks on the go to or have any accidental spills, you’ll be happy this is handy and nearby,

Packing Cubes with Shoe Bag

There’s nothing like retrieving items from an organized suitcase or carry-on. These packing cubes saved space and I could easily find what I needed right away. No wasting time during your trip rummaging through a mess!

Travel Case for Electronics and Chargers

I kept all my charging wires and blocks organized in this handy case. Love the colour of it too. Sturdy for packing and it fits your mouse too.

Foldable Portable Kettle

Save money and brew your own tea. You can do your own instant noodles too! This kettle folds perfectly and is so easy to store, even in your backpack.

Travel Make Up Brush Holder

Keep your makeup brushes separate from your makeup products.

LED Vanity Mirror

Some Airbnb or hotel stays have terrible lighting which makes it hard to get ready. This mirror lights up with dimmable lights and you can get a closer look since there’s 5x and 10x magnification.

View all of these on one page in my Amazon storefront.

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