Amazon Classroom Essentials for Teachers

These essential Amazon classroom teacher items make teaching easier by preparing me for smooth lessons with my students and/or elevating my primary classroom decor. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

Scotch Thermal Laminatorscotch laminating machine
A laminating machine helped me prep my own printable classroom decor and materials for students easily! This ensures no rips and my class uses dry erase markers on sheets I want to reuse. TIP: Get a matte spray to reduce lighting glare on your work.

Scotch Thermal Laminating Sheetslaminating sheets
Next, DURABLE laminating sheets AND simple to use. Just place your paper in between and slide the sheet through the machine.

Teacher Toolboxteacher toolbox
I use my toolbox every single day and it helps me keep all of my teaching supplies organized for easy access. I keep my paper clips, pins, flair pens, markers, highlighters, binder rings, staple remover, erasers, stickers, and more in an easily accessible gorgeous white toolbox. Read my DIY Teacher Toolbox Labels: Boho Chic Classroom Decor blog post to find out how I customized it.

Fairy String Lightsclassroom fairy string lights
I display my string lights around my white board and they’ve been taped up for 2 years! They make everything I project on the whiteboard look more inviting. Over 5000 ratings with this one. Trust me, you need this! My kids love our indoor movement breaks and morning meetings.

3 Drawer Storageliteracy center storage
I store literacy centres in these drawers. Regular printing paper fits perfectly. I have 1 drawer for magazines, 1 for a sticker centre, and another for writing paper.

Wireless Doorbell

wireless classroom doorbell
wireless classroom doorbell

Grab your students’ attention without using your voice. Simply plug in this wireless doorbell and choose the sound you want! You can be anywhere in your classroom with the push button to sound the bell.

Heavy Duty Stapler

heavy duty stapler
heavy duty stapler

I learned the hard way that investing in a heavy duty stapler is worth it because I broke so many cheap staplers! I’ve tried to staple many worksheet packages which were too thick and ended up wasting money when my staplers broke. Save yourself the heartache!

Binder Ringsbinder rings
These pastel coloured binder rings are great to create hands-on learning resources for your primary classroom like picture dictionaries, word lists, and visual aids. You get 60 which is a steal.

Desktop Pocket Chartdesktop pocket chart
This is perfect for small group focused phonics instruction and word study literacy activities!

Paper Cutterpaper-cutter
I am OBSESSED with this functional equipment that’s so useful at home. I can’t cut straight to save my life, haha. Thankfully, this cutter ensures my printable decor and miscellaneous paper game pieces are neat and look professional.

View more of my classroom essentials at my Amazon Storefront.

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