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10 Drawer Rolling Cart Labels

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Grab your Teacher 10 Drawer Rolling Cart Labels in soft boho chic colours! Many are searching for 10 drawer rolling cart teacher ideas now that it’s back to school season and time to get organized. Plan ahead and stay on top of your photocopies and sheets. Keep everything tidy with this amazing DIY teacher organization idea.

I got my 10 drawer cart from Michaels for $48.99. You can get yours from there or on Amazon. These labels also work with 3 drawer plastic organizers. Instructions for how to put the Teacher 10 Drawer Rolling Cart Labels onto your organizer cart are outlined below.

10 Drawer Rolling Cart Label Size

  • 9.5 inches x 2.5 inches

Products Used

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(note: this cut holes that were too small for me, so I cut multiple holes to make a bigger one)

How to Put Labels on 10 Drawer Rolling Cart

1. First, print and cut your labels. Optional: use a cutter to ensure your cut is straight. Use scissors if needed.
teacher 10 drawer rolling cart labels

2. Create a small hole in the middle of your label. Use a handheld single hole puncher OR simply cut a small slit with a pair of scissors. It’s okay if it’s not perfect since the drawer knobs will cover the cut.

3. Next, glue your labels onto the front of the drawers.
10 drawer rolling cart

4. Lastly, screw the knobs on.

You now have a fully customized teacher drawer cart!
teacher 10 drawer rolling cart

Get these soft boho chic rolling cart labels from my TpT store. 123 labels are included in 3 colour schemes. Mix and Match like I did for my cart! Blank templates are also included for you to add your own text.

If you have a label request, please contact me.

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